Cause an Affect

Doug Johanson, CEO of Vista Capital Partners

Episode Summary

Doug Johanson, CEO of Vista Capital Partners, leads the most intentional lives of anyone I know. He seemingly designed his entire life in high school, and it was all going according to a dreamy plan, until the plan fell apart when his wife Kristen was diagnosed with cancer and his 9-year-old son said "Dad, I'm having trouble breathing" and nearly died from a tumor in his stomach from Burkitt's Lymphoma. Fortunately, his wife beat cancer and his son Cole overcame lymphoma, but all of Doug's work and family and community commitments piled on and Doug began to have serious anxiety attacks. It was a wake up call for him to start creating real boundaries and taking care of himself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Doug recently completed a 10-day SILENT meditation retreat and meditates for an hour six days every week. The benefits are transformative and it's made how he engages with his family, his company, and the non-profit he co-founded, Beaverton High School Success Fund, so much more effective + meaningful.