Cause an Affect

Felicia Tripp Folsom, Executive Director of Emerging Leaders

Episode Summary

Felicia Tripp Folsom, like her daughter, has been a social justice warrior since she was a little girl. As the daughter of a Korean mom and an African-American dad, Felicia's parents instilled in her a sense of identity and belonging in both communities growing up in the Seattle Tacoma area. In this podcast, Felicia talks about her intentionality around identity and being strategic about tracking long-term outcomes for underrepresented populations from her time at Reed College to nearly 20 years at the Portland Housing Center and now leading the charge at Emerging Leaders.

Episode Notes

Felicia is a long-term data queen and knows that showing (not telling) results leads to funding and growth of key initiatives that deliver systemic changes for thousands of folks who've been overlooked or struggled because of their race or gender or identity.