Cause an Affect

Jelani Memory, founder of A Kids Book About

Episode Summary

Jelani Memory's bio in 140 characters: Jelani is a Husband, Father + co-founder of A Kids Book About, and a software company called Circle. He intentionally puts his energy and love into that exact priority order in his Twitter bio. At 17 years old, Jelani should have been on top of the world. He was the most popular kid in his high school, a star athlete in basketball and soccer and his grades were stellar. Yet, he was deeply depressed and realized that there must be something external - bigger than him - that could give life meaning + joy. From there, purpose has been at the center of Jelani's life and ultimately led him to start a software company called Circle and an amazing publishing company called A Kids Book About.

Episode Notes

Jelani is a black man married to a white woman and they have a blended family of 6 kids and the topic of race comes up often in life and in conversation with the kids, so Jelani wrote a straight-forward book about it called "A Kids Book About Racism." That book sparked conversation and interest from all of his adult friends because it gave kids and adults permission to talk about such a difficult topic. What started as a small project is now a series of a dozen books around racism, feminism, body image, cancer, belonging, gratitude, and launching 30 new books every year!