Cause an Affect

Nina Byrd, CEO of Nina Byrd Consulting

Episode Summary

Nina Byrd, founder + CEO of Nina Byrd Consulting, is an old soul in a young person’s body. Nina’s family is exceptional, but to her growing up, it was simply normal. She was a National Champion rower and a competitive fencer. Her twin brother was a college gymnast; her sister a prima ballerina, her mom an ER nurse, and her dad was one of the top five black ventriloquists in the world. Nina’s superpower is her ability to recognize and move with change without a lot of emotion. She runs a marketing and business consultancy. Nina is a New Yorker who has a unique perspective on Portland after moving here 2 years ago and describing our town as having enormous potential while still in its awkward teenage years.

Episode Notes

When asked who inspires her most right now, she gives a key insight about Portland, describing a man on the Ross Island bridge who makes hats and invariably has a smile on his face. “He doesn’t have a sign, he hasn’t asked for anything. But he is just there working his craft every day.”